Phoenix Lives For You.

Our purpose is to make every moment of your life practical, smart, seamless and beautiful. We imagine, create and manufacture products envisioning what can give you the most trust, comfort and support - everything you would look for in a life partner!

Look around, and you’ll see we’re right there with you. We are a part of your life - we design for life.

What We Do

Our Factories


Our largest facily, with over 23 Acres of Industrial Manufacturing space equipped with high-tech machinery & equipment.


Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding & Extrusion Moulding


Our newest factory, that is purpose built to deliver just in time packaging for Unilever. This plant was strategically set up next to Unilver’s filling plant to be able to offer best service to our customer, and began operations in June 2020.


Fully automated blow moulding with labeling and vision camera system to ensure best in class quality.


This factory is set up within Chevron’s plant, operated by Phoenix. This model helps us stay close to the customer and ensure there is never a quality gap.


Blow Moulding

Our Machines

Our machines are the heartbeat of our factories. They are acquired and designed to deliver the best quality product at the lowest production cost to our customers. We are conscious about energy, efficiency, speed, automation and quality. Our teams are constantly on the lookout to bring in the latest technologies to ensure our machinery is up to date. We have invested in fully automated production lines, with extraction robots and vision cameras that help us deliver the best products.

Phoenix owns over 50 injection moulding machines, with clamping forces from 40 tons to 1450 tons, and over 20 blow moulding machines with 300ml to 20L blowing capacity. We also have 5 extrusion machines with 110mm extrusion capacity and a European tufting, trimming and blister packaging line for toothbrush manufacturing

Our Moulds

We invest in large multi cavity moulds, with hot runner valve gate technology when applicable. We specialize in extraordinary thin wall molds. Our engineers spend time and resources developing ways to optimize product wall thickness and part weight.

Our moulding technology guarantees fast cycle times to ensure the moulding process is efficient and effective. We believe in partnering with reputed experts in the global molding industry. Some of our most valued partners are Muller and Vasantha Tools.



Our main processes use polyolefins and PVC materials. Polyolefins are petro-based raw materials used to manufacture most of our household, furniture and packaging products. The most common polyolefins in our workflow are Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (HDPE. LDPE).


Our R&D team is committed to uncovering new, better and stronger materials. We have introduced a range of new alternative materials that we are proud of.

& Reusing

We are comitted to recycling and have a pledge to use 30% of Post/Pre Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials by 2025.

Our challenge is to ensure the same quality in products even with recycled materials collected from Sri Lanka. We invest in R&D to uncover new recipes that enables this.