Phoenix Embarks On A New Journey: Designed For Life

Created: Sept. 5, 2022, 12:01 p.m. | Modified: Nov. 22, 2023, 11:28 a.m.

Phoenix Embarks On A New Journey: Designed For Life

Press Release

Consumers are increasingly seeking products that upgrade their lives and offer them a new and unique experience. Consumer tastes are evolving faster than ever, and brands have to keep pace with the shifts in consumer trends. Phoenix’s ‘Designed For Life’ purpose, is to transform its products and to offer consumers new and functional daily products.


Phoenix has designed an array of new products that are the owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy. One of the most recognizable household brands in Sri Lanka, with a heritage of over of over 43 years, Phoenix is poised to launch a new identity as a consumer products and lifestyle brand with an exciting range of new, bold, colorful and daring products. The new brand image and product range fills a much-needed gap in the urban market for daily use products that offer quality, style, and functionality for discerning consumers at affordable prices.


The products have been Designed For Life keeping in mind that consumer experiences need to be enhanced. Some of its unique products are the minimalistic OV Bin, a 5-litre bin that is perfect for homes or workspaces. With a compact size and design, it blends in perfectly into any space and helps you to preserve the environment and segregate waste.

Phoenix’s Canoe Basins family is ideal for washing, soaking, and rinsing clothes in a convenient manner. The product is thoughtfully created to help consumers on their daily lives. Designed with a simple form and a light structure, it is easy and fun to use. You can even attach a soap tray to the basin to keep your things safe. Uniquely, Canoe comes with a plug to drain out the water - a perfectly smart, functional, and beautiful choice.


House proud customers can now rejoice with Loop food containers, yet another Designed For Life product that helps in food storage and organization, with the special Loop lid helping to keep food fresh for longer. The Loop lid spoon is designed to make your life in the kitchen much easier than before - just detach and take! Loop is here to help your life to be organized while making it simple.


Your favourite chair can be a reflection of your personality and your desires. Choose Olivia, she is bold, colorful and the prefect comfort spot to rest after a hard day.


Meanwhile, the Phoenix Java low coffee table can be both static and moving at the same time. Some of our most special moments, happen in those quiet and contemplative moments surrounding a table.


The new range of products, Designed For Life, truly reflects Phoenix’s effort on delivering on its brand promise.