Bring Phoenix Home From Keells Supermarket

Created: Oct. 19, 2022, 9:36 p.m. | Modified: Nov. 22, 2023, 11:30 a.m.

Bring Phoenix Home From Keells Supermarket

Press Release

22nd September 2022, Colombo - Phoenix partners with Keells Supermarkets for the first time

Phoenix is committed to making LIFE easier.


This year, Phoenix launched a new range of household products under its ‘Designed for Life’ purpose. From food containers and baby bath tubs to laundry baskets, the new line of products is thoughtfully curated to ensure functionality, comfort and ease. A household brand with decades of expertise in catering to the needs of families, Phoenix is constantly exploring new ways of responding to changing consumer trends.


And the Phoenix shopping experience has just been elevated.


Phoenix is proud to announce that the household and lifestyle items from the new product line are now available at the newly renovated Keells at Darley Road, Colombo 1. Customers will have the opportunity to browse through Phoenix products showcased on Keells supermarket shelves while purchasing their regular groceries, and decide which Phoenix household and lifestyle products are best suited to their daily needs.

With lifestyle items taking shape as a priority area for Phoenix, the company is not only dedicated to introducing more sophisticated, high-quality and purpose-oriented products, but also to ensuring better access for customers to peruse these items before bringing them home.


The company expresses its deep appreciation to the management team at Keells Supermarkets for this venture, which is a significant milestone for Phoenix in this new direction. Phoenix looks forwards further partnership opportunities with Keells Supermarkets that are on the horizon.

Phoenix ‘Designed for Life’ products are presently available for viewing and purchase at the newly renovated Keells Darley Road Supermarket.