Rohana joined Phoenix when he was eighteen years told. This year, he turns fifty-five. 

His thirty-four-year journey at the company began at the Welisara plant where he worked as a labourer, but his appetite for innovation and technicalities would not keep him in one department for too long. Rohana’s ability to quickly adapt to new scenarios and processes led him to progress to the Printing Department and then to the skilled technical functions of the Maintenance Department where he was also responsible for working on COVID prevention protocols. Presently, he works as an Automation Engineer at the newly established Automation Department. He is part of a team that focusses on improving the cost-efficiency and productivity of different machines housed in various plants of the company. 

Rohana’s work involves tackling something new every day and he looks forward to the challenge. “As in life, the job role changes all the time. My experiences at work have also taught me how to adjust to the changes in life”. After rotating in different departments over the years, Rohana has gathered valuable insight and enjoys the opportunities to contribute to new ideas and protocols. He appreciates being included despite being older than his peers.  

His career trajectory, however, is only the second most interesting thing that happened during his time at Phoenix. Rohana met the love of his life while they were both working at the printing department of the company, and four years later, they were married. It has been twenty-seven years and two children since then, but the magic remains. His daughter and son, aged twenty-one and twenty-five respectively, are his pride and joy. He says, “from the bottom of my heart, I hope all their wishes and dreams come true”. Unlike the fluid responsibilities of work, Rohana’s routine at home is simple and soothing. Time off work involves completing certain chores at home, watching the news while eating mango and papaya (his favourite fruits) and going to the temple on Poya days. 

Rohana’s advice for young people is to consistently work on self-improvement and developing one’s own skills in order to keep up with the changing world. He has witnessed the company adopt new technological advances and pursue several innovative ventures during his time here and he hopes that new entrants into the team remember to utilise the learning opportunities provided by Phoenix. 

Above all, for Rohana one of the best things about work is that he has come to consider everyone he works with to be his friend.